A Museum of Journeys in a Chest of Drawers

A participatory storytelling project.

Exhibition launch at Arc

Saturday 29th February 12.00pm

Hatworks, Wellington Mill, Wellington Rd South, Stockport SK3 0EU

This Exhibition is closed for the foreseeable future due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Watch our short films based on some of the stories here!

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A Museum of Journeys in a Chest of Drawers includes stories and artworks from participants at Arc and Global Sistaz United, co-created by Sharon Campbell and Rachel Ramchurn.

“Look inside the chest of drawers and discover stories from two seemingly different groups of people. Will you recognise yourself in the stories told?”

This exhibition hopes to share the stories of what unites us as humans during a time of political, social and cultural divide.

Share your story at the end with our poem-making machine. Do any of the words resonate with you?

kirsty work 3

Lead artists Sharon Campbell and Rachel Ramchurn worked with the two groups; Arc’s Post-Challenge wellbeing group in Stockport and Global Sistaz United, a supportive group for Refugee women in Nottingham throughout 2019.

They supported them to make individual artworks based on a chosen story, journey or memory that held significance to their lives. These stories are displayed within the confines of drawers alongside audio-recordings or the written story, meaning participants had to think creatively about what they wanted to say, and how they would say it through their artwork.

Geelas work 6 use

Why a chest of drawers? When people are reluctant to part with items, they often store them in drawers, as talismans of important memories stowed away for safe keeping.  The artists and groups wanted the work to be interactive with digital elements for the audiences, to encourage active engagement over passive looking.

‘A Museum of Journeys in a Chest of Drawers’ has been supported by Arc Stockport, New Art Exchange Nottingham, and Global Sistaz United.

The Poem Making Machine has been created with support from writer Sam Orton and Sois De Traca’s Maria and Eliza.

The Project is funded by Arts Council England and Stockport MBC Ward Flexibility Funding.

A Pocketful of Treasure  –  The Back story

In 2017 the Artists Sharon Campbell and Rachel Ramchurn began a participative story-telling project creating interactive art works and building communities from shared stories behind tiny treasures and effects people keep and hold dear.

The Artists worked initially with three different community groups gathering their treasure stories and re-creating them from a host of inspiring art materials.
• The Women’s Cultural Exchange – Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum
• Speakeasy – Bury Aphasia group
• Happy Mondays – Inspired people over 50’s group Manchester

Campbell and Ramchurn will be investigating how to develop interactive art works reflecting the stories and treasures gathered, using digital elements and materials new to them both.
Hopeful to discover if  “the shared stories from the different groups, will show common themes that unite us all”.

Campbell and Ramchurn’s 2017 R&D was supported by Arts Council England and Manchester City Council Neighbourhood Investment Fund to run this research and development phase of the art project.