A Museum of Journeys in a Chest of Drawers

In partnership with Arc (Stockport), New Art Exchange (Nottingham), and Global Sistaz United, we will be holding 20 workshops in Nottingham and at Arc over a six month period in 2019. The groups will be making individual art works, representing their personal journey/story using small personal effects or memories that hold meaningful moments of their life. These will be displayed in drawers of varying shapes and sizes.

Both groups artworks will be exhibited together in Nottingham in October 2019 and Arc in January 2020.

The art works will focus on being interactive, with moving parts and digital triggers for light and sound using Arduino technology, to engage with the audience.

Writer Sam Orton will develop collaborative poetry inspired by the participant’s stories; this will be performed live at both exhibition events and presented online.

‘A Museum of Journeys in a Chest of Drawers’ is funded by Arts Council England and Stockport MBC Ward Flexibility Funding.

History of A Pocketful of Treasure

In 2017 the Artists Sharon Campbell and Rachel Ramchurn began a participative story-telling project creating interactive art works and building communities from shared stories behind tiny treasures and effects people keep and hold dear.

The Artists worked initially with three different community groups gathering their treasure stories and re-creating them from a host of inspiring art materials.
• The Women’s Cultural Exchange – Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum
• Speakeasy – Bury Aphasia group
• Happy Mondays – Inspired people over 50’s group Manchester

Campbell and Ramchurn will be investigating how to develop interactive art works reflecting the stories and treasures gathered, using digital elements and materials new to them both.
Hopeful to discover if  “the shared stories from the different groups, will show common themes that unite us all”.

Campbell and Ramchurn’s 2017 R&D was supported by Arts Council England and Manchester City Council Neighbourhood Investment Fund to run this research and development phase of the art project.