Bare board conductive kit

Rachel and I along with the excellent help of Sam, have finished running the first three workshop sessions, one with each group. It’s been fun and rewarding working with all three very different groups, meeting people, listening to people’s stories and finding similarities and connections between them.
I will be writing up the ‘Happy People’ workshop, add their stories and re-created treasures.

WP_20170724_15_37_01_Pro (2)
Sam checking story notes, two participants from the Happy Mondays workshop session

First I am going to say a little about what is next, as it very much on my mind…..probably because this part is stepping in to the unknown, unchartered territory as far as my arts experience goes.
The next phase is ‘making of the interactive Maquette’ which will reflect back the feel of the workshops, the participation, the stories and treasures. A Maquette is a small trial sculpture. We will be using this to try out our ideas, show it to all 3 groups, getting feedback from them, to look at how we can expand on it in the future. Our initial intention was to make one, but I can see with the ideas flowing from us both it may have to be two….time and material costs allowing!


We will be learning how to use Bare Board conductive technology within a visual interactive context to bring the treasure stories alive. It sounds really cool, but I expect as I go through a deep learning curve discovering the constraints and the huge potential at points my ‘cool’ may have left the room!
Whilst we are busy creating, Sam Orton will be looking at all the stories and creating small ‘collaborative poems’ and writing snippets, of which we will use a couple within the Maquette.
To add to the excitement we will have the pressure the Maquette’s first outing on the 28th September at the Northern Quarter Texture which is hosting the event ‘Subliminal Impulse VI’.


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