A Museum of Journeys in a Chest of Drawers

What is it?

‘A Museum of Journeys in a Chest of Drawers’, funded by Arts Council England, has started!

A Museum of Journeys in a Chest of Drawers’ will unite two diverse stigmatised groups from two different areas, Stockport and Nottingham to share their stories on personal journeys made.

Through a programme of workshops over the next 8 months we will support participants to create exhibition quality, interactive artworks based on their individual journeys.

Working with the lovely Global Sistaz United; a refugee women’s group who inspired this project during the R&D and the fabulous Arc Centre and Gallery; an organisation using creativity and arts to support mental health and well-being.

Their artwork will all come together hosted in Chest of Drawers being exhibited together in both cities.

A collaborative poem performed at the exhibition’s opening events will capture the process.



By sharing participant’s stories and artwork through Exhibition we aim to identify ‘humanities common traits’. Start a conversation, creating a ripple effect of change to combat xenophobic and mental health stereotypes.

Believing there is more we all have in common than that that separates us.



Global Sistaz United  are one the 3 group involved in the Pocketful of Treasure R&D. They wished to continue working with us, and inspired the concept of creating personal museums. GSU is a self Help community group for asylum seekers and BAMER, volunteer-led the organisation seeks to empower women/each other to thrive despite circumstances that have brought them to where they are. They have recently been working with Backlit as part of a group exhibition, Familiar Machines in Nottingham.


Arc Sharon has worked as an associate artist in the Arc outreach well-being art groups, having been impressed by their ethos towards Mental health and wellbeing, we are very happy they are involved. Arc is a creative arts organisation based at Arc Centre and Gallery in Stockport, UK, specialising in public workshops, events, well-being and community development.

A little about ourselves

Rachel Ramchurn will lead the Global Sistaz United workshop programme in Nottingham.WP_20170724_15_39_44_Pro

Rachel is a sculptor and community artist with a strong interest in using digital technology within the arts to engage the public in social issues to effect change. She is part of New Art Exchange ExperiMentor residency programme in Nottingham. Rachel has over fifteen years’ experience of leading, delivering and facilitating Public Art and community art events and projects.

Sharon Campbell will lead the ARC Stockport post Challenge group programme.Artist Sharon Campbell

Sharon is a socially engaged artist driven by using creativity, visual and combined arts in a participative manner to engage disadvantaged people in dialogues around social issues to build stronger/healthier and more tolerant communities. Sharon has over 20 years’ experience of leading, delivering and facilitating Public Art and community art events and projects.

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