The Projects Journey so far….

Stories of Familiarity

Rachel and I feel happily enveloped by the project, starting to wear it like a pair of familiar jeans. Excitingly we have found nearly all the Chest of Drawers needed to host everyone’s stories.

Rachel with one of the small chest of drawer

Of course we had a few nitty gritty logistical moments, now sorted I am glad to say. Rachel is quite a marvel at sorting. I am sure there will be more, what would an art project be without the unknown and unforeseen happening to push ones lateral thinking?
From the R&D project which informed the basis of this project we knew we wanted and would need more time to work with groups of people to build an in-depth understanding of participants ideas and confidence to share them. It is vital to us that participants feeling they have ownership of the work produced and are listened to fully.

Through playing with ink drawings, chatting and creating timelines doodles of moments that resonated with people, we are getting to the core of stories that people wish to tell.

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Sometimes an important moment appeared through the doodling, not realising that it connected and drew their story together.
What is equally exciting is that they are stories of familiarity.
Here are a couple that are currently in the initial stages of being worked up:

One person who has had difficulties in getting out and about, has talked of how helping to look after her niece and nephew has made a huge impact on their life, the reciprocal balance it has given.
collage 1
Another person described their story using a metaphor of being a bird perched in the beams, picking at the crumbs left behind on the floor, and now the bird is a Queen with dancing butterfly children.
The word Embrace, for one person has become the starting point for telling their story of grief, from the last embrace of their partner to starting to embrace a next stage of their life with a positive connectivity.

How will all these stories visually be told and received as an audience opens and views each drawer?”

“Will they resonate with your own life story?”

Watch Instagram @museumofjourneys to see how this unfolds, see if your story is familiar to theirs.”

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