Sharon Campbell is based in Manchester, recently having moved from Rogue Artists Studios, to Awol Studios, working in both the fields of contemporary visual art and architectural glass design: making sculpture, installation and interventions in gallery spaces and public settings (including public squares, social housing estates and building interiors).

Sharon explores the process of engaged lead arts practise, seeing where this journey will take her and the people she is working with. She makes connections between people, creating temporary communities both face to face and online. Motivated by the personal, everyday and the familiar, to create transformative work which speaks of a sense of place, identity and community.

Sharon is vastly experienced at working with people (in many different contexts), her process is playful and experimental, yet also engaging and accessible, about exploring narrative and turning conversations into something significant.

Highly skilled, her methods include a strong use of form and shape alongside sensitive responses to site and context. Drawing forms a core part of the process, informing design and construction, where fine line work and draughtsman-ship are highly characteristic. She integrates conceptual ideas with a keen understanding of the properties and characteristics of a range of materials including found objects, glass and textiles to create resonant meaningful sculptural work.

Sharon Campbell was part Sagar and Campbell a successful working collaborative partnership from 2005 – 2015:

Sharon continues to work in collaboration with artists and partners, starting an ongoing dialogue which balances approach and skill, opening up new and fabulous possibilities.

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